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tv   America Live  FOX News  May 18, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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has a great view obviously. posting these pictures to his twitter account with a message saying, his thoughts and prayers are with all of those effected. that goes for all of us in new york as well. jenna: a great perspective. jon: "america live" starts right now. martha: we are waiting what is arguably the most significant pentagon briefing since the death of usama bin laden. we will be hearing directly from defense secretary robert gates. this will be his first news conference since that dramatic take down of al-qaida's former leader. we should hear new details on the navy seal raid. we've had reports of drone surveillance over the usama bin laden compound for months before that raid. also we expect to get more on our tense relationship with pakistan right now. and their late is reaction to any further moves by our military in that country. we have that briefing for you live as soon as that gets underway we'll take you right there to the pentagon. in the meantime another fox news alert. a huge, human smuggling bust in
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mexico. police are now trying to figure out who was herding more than 500 illegals across our border in one of the biggest human smuggling busts in human memory. welcome to "america live," i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. they were literally packed in, hundreds of migrants hidden inside two tractor trailers in quote, inhumane conditions. mechanics condition police discovering it using high-tech scanning of the trucks. trace gallagher picks it up from there in our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: the bus went down in the southern state of chiapas, mexico. they each paid $7,000 to be smuggled into the united states, that is $3.5 million total for the load. look at the x-ray picture, what
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does 7,000 buy you a very small tiny space inside those tractor trailers. you see some of them were standing up. in fact half were standing upholding onto straps and the rest were kneeling to use every bit of space they could. no food, no water, near suffocating conditions. this went on for hours. that x-ray machine, by the way is called a back scatter scanner, very much like you use going through the airport. they use it for detecting drugs, of course, and weapons and humans. s experts say these migrants are often abandoned on their way to the united states or turned over to the drug cartels. the cartels then extort their families for even more money. last year 72 south american migrants were found shot and killed in northern mexico, killed allegedly by the zeta drug cartel. even if they did continue on their journey, keep in mind they were some 20 hours from the united states, and in those conditions, martha, it's likely
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experts say many of them may have lost their lives. there were 32 women and children in those trailers as well. martha: awful, dress pratt situation those people are in. it's a terrible story, trace. thank you very much. more on that later. also near the southern border today preparations are underway for a public memorial for two border agents who were killed on-duty. agent hector clark and eduardo rojas killed in a collision with a freight train while chasing down suspected smugglers. agent row ha's body was flown to yuma, agent clark's body was flown to his hometown of el paso, texas for the memorial. as the debate intensifies in washington over the "dream act" the state of maryland is now front and center in this immigration debate. we'll have the latest fallout in the governor's decision to give what critics are calling special privileges to illegals in maryland. a fair & balanced debate coming up on that, very interesting debate moments away. this weather alert for you right
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now on the massive flooding disaster that continues today in the south. the coast guard reopening parts of the swollen mississippi river, allowing cargo vessels who pass one by one, the region suffering hundreds of millions of dollars in ship losses in recent days. meanwhile in the small town of gibson thousands are in a scramble there right now trying to make last minute preparations to keep the floodwaters away. >> i'm putting everything in the house as high as it can go. i'm sandbagging so that i don't get water into the house. >> just take whatever precautions i can, but the material stuff i can replace all that. my main concern is my family. >> this area here i want to build them higher in case it does get water, but because the plastic is going to protect the house part. martha: a lot of labor involved in what those folks are doing. the army corps of engineers estimates they could see up to five feet of water. the sandbags look to be very necessary in that place.
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fox business network's ashley is live in baton rouge, louisiana. how long could this go on for the people there. >> reporter: it could guy on for many more weeks. we have the crest to move through here. we are in baton rouge, below the area you were just talking about. it could be weeks more before the fast running floodwater on the mississippi. it is hoped with fingers crossed that the levee system will continue to hold. barge traffic along the mississippi is now being allowed again by the coast guard which is vitally important to this region and also the nation's economy. let me give you numbers about the mississippi river. 500 million tons of cargo travel up and down here every year. 600 barges every day moving up and down carrying everything from wheat and corn and soybeans to steel and lumber and coal. each one of these barges, martha can carry up to 70 tractor trailers or 17 rail cars. any disruption in the traffic along the mississippi means a
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big hit to the economy. so, you know, obviously the coast guard shut it down because it was concerned that the wake from one of these giant boats could actually breach some of the levees along the river, but they've decided that they can do this and keep those levees intact. but it's certainly a very tense situation. as i mentioned this is going to go on now for at least two to three more weeks before we may finally see the mississippi starting to drop. martha: incredible effort on the part of the army corps of engineers and all the people out there protecting their homes. ashley thank you very much. we are getting touching images of how some people in louisiana are coping with this. many of them holding onto their faith to help them get through. praying and gathering in front of this statute of virgin mary sitting in the center of bayou island is a symbol of protection as well as a marker of how high the water has risen. >> i used to say, you know, only virgin mary protect us. >> you can't explain it. you can't explain it. it's a feeling that you feel
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right here, and this community has always had mary, and she's always had us. >> she'll remind her son, the water is rising. they need some help. martha: the worshippers say that since they started those prayers a north wind has been pushing the water out. some call it coincidence, perhaps, but they believe it is the power of prayer. we are closely following every move of the swelling mississippi. go to for the latest images and up to the minute updates from our team around all over on the ground in this area. check that out at and one of the top financial am analysts on wall street, the woman who is credited with seeing the collapse coming back in 2007 she got a ton of recognition for that call, today she has a new warning, and it is about state budgets. now that stimulus money is about to run out states are facing more than $400 billion in budget
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for the falls. stewart varney of the fox business network joins me now. meredith whitney stewart has been highlighting the concerns she had about the states and it would start hitting right about now. >> she is saying the crunch is about to hit us. in june, that's next month many state governments come to the end of their financial year. they've got to balance their books, and quite simply, martha they cannot do it. there is an enormous shortfall between the promises to pay retirees and the amount of money that we've got on hand. in short, next month we'll see the start of what amounts to an avalanche of layoffs because the money promised to retirees just isn't there. they'll have to layoff current workers to pay those retirees. i'll give you a quick example. city of milwaukee, the healthcare bill for just their teachers for one year came in at
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$2 billion. that's one city, just the teachers, one year, healthcare bill, $2 billion. that is double the education bill for the entire city. the result, they can't pay that, they've got to layoff current teachers. 560 of them from that one city, milwaukee. we've made promises to pay retirees we cannot fulfill the promises, huge cutbacks coming the announcements start nt month pha*rts obviously the stimulus bill helped to sort of prolong this pain, but the pain is now here. what -- we know some states are taking some very serious measures to cut their budgets. what are the rest of them planning to do in this problem. >> some are planning tax increases. whether or not that works or not is an entirely different story. that might drive businesses out of those states. california is considering tax increases. many of them may try to borrow the shortfall, that could be difficult because lien tkers may not want to lend money to states who are in huge deficit.
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it's a huge bag of responses but the crunch is almost upon us. martha: we have to start renegotiating those deal in a big way. >> that's tough. martha: thank you so much. stewart varney of of the fox business network. let's go to the pentagon now where secretary gates is briefing and he's talking about the bin laden raid. let's listen in. >> in his meetings in pakistan that the circumstances have led to a lot of skepticism on the hill, and that u.s. assistance to pakistan is now more controversial than it was before. that said, i think we have to proceed with some caution. we do have significant interests in pakistan. i think that my own view would be we'd need to continue the assistance that we have provided that benefits the pakistani
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people. coalition support funds are actually a reimbursement for services rendered for things they have actually done. we have a very rigorous review process for those claims by the pakistanis, they are reviewed by isaf, then reviewed by our embassy, they are reviewed at centcom, then reviewed again up here. generally we do not pay a hundred percent based on their claims, but it is a serious process. but i think we do need to be cognizant of the concerns on the hill, and frankly, i think the pakistanis need to be as well. but that said, we do have interests in common and we do need to try and move forward. >> mr. secretary, senator kerry went to islam a pw-d an islamabe
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pressed the pakistanis on pursuing the leadership of the taliban that has taken safe-haven in pakistan from mullah omar and also the alkani network. you yourself has made it a point to do as much as you could to provide protection to our american forces. many of the attacks that launched against americans are conducted from or launched from those safe-havens in afghanistan. can you understand the frustration not only of the military but of the american people at the apparent reluctance of the pakistanis to go after the leadership that has had safe-haven there for nearly ten years? >> well of course i share that frustration. i understand that frustration, and i share it. i think we have an opportunity here, the pakistanis and i'd invite the chairman to comment, the pakistanis over the last
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couple of weeks have expressed a view that they are willing to glow after some of these people, and that we should not repeat the bin laden operation because they will undertake this themselves. i think this provides us an opportunity, and i think we ought to take them up on that. and it also offers them an opportunity to address this from frustration and the skepticism i referred to. >> this is certainly not the first time this issue has been raised with the pakistani leadership. it's been something that has been raised over the course of certainly my engagement for the last couple of years. and i think they do understand it is a priority. and it is, i would just reemphasize what the secretary said, it was their desire now to
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do this themselves. and i think they certainly understand the importance of it. all of that said, they've also had some internal priorities as this terrorist threat has grown internally to them. and their capacity in some regards, they've prioritized internally to go after ttp and others, but they know this is a priority for us. and i think we've clearly, as senator kerry did, as the secretary just said, we all need to make sure that they understand very clearly that this priority isn't going to go away and that these safe-havens, the safe-havens for these leaders have to be eliminated. >> you say they understand, but have they made a commitment to the u.s. to pursue these leadership members of the
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taliban. >> i'll be specific about akani, because my engagement with him over the years, he has committed to that. i think one of the issues that is just a challenge for us is our clock moves a lot faster than his clock. that has been the case so far, and i think it will be the case in the future. and i'm not trying to give him an excuse, but matching those clocks has been pretty difficult. >> admiral, speaking of alkani you were there last month in pakistan, you talked about the strained relationship between the isi and alkani has on the u.s. relationship with pakistan. is it time to say with the pakistani, clearly you have a relationship with them, just turn them over to the united states. is it time to do that? >> i think my comments from a month ago still stand from that perspective. i was very clear about the priority for the leadership in particular with respect to the
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alkani network and the need to get at that. and i wouldn't change that right now. >> the fact that you turn over alkani we will tie that to our aid to pakistan, is that the right thing to do? >> i think our approach needs to be with pakistan a very comprehensive approach across the totality of government. i think picking an individual string that says this is how we are going to do it, that isn't going to answer it. it has to be a comprehensive approach. the secretary talked about the resources, which are considerable, and certainly it's understandable that there would be those that would look at that. i mean and i understand that. and i think, quite frankly, the sacthepakistani military leaderp would understand that. >> you said you don't think the top leadership in pakistan new that bin laden was there. do you presume that someone in the isi for the army knew he was there and supported him?
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can you both answer that? >> as i said i have seen no evidence that the top leadership knows. >> what about the rest of them? >> actually i think with the evaluation of the sensitive site material and explore station thaand even explorationgoing ona while. >> i would echo what the chairman says, i have seen no evidence at all that the senior leadership knew. in fact i've seen some evidence to the contrary. and we have no evidence yet with respect to anybody else. my supposition is somebody knew. >> can you give the public the sense of what one or two missions will definitely be reviewed, neooperations, what will be reviewed? can you give one or two examples, resource implications of some of these missions?
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>> well, let me give you an example of the hardest bin, the third bin in terms of the strategic alternatives. it has been our strategy for many years now to be able to fight two regional -- two major regional conflicts simultaneously. martha: there you have it from the pentagon, secretary gates and the joint chiefs of staff chair admiral mike mullen answering questions about who knew and who didn't know that bin laden was in pakistan. they are saying there is no evidence that the top leadership in pakistan knew bin laden was in that compound. however secretary gates modified that a bit. he says it is fairly clear to him that somebody knew, and that they are continuing to look for evidence as to who that might have been. one other interesting point they were pressed on the taliban with regard to the akani network, the sanctuaries that are in pakistan
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that continue to attack our forces in afghanistan. the question was should any of the money we give to pakistan be tied to be sure that members of the akani met network were turned over. they said you don't need to do the raids like you did, they will be the ones to do it next time. what kind of money hitch might be tied to that huge issue for our troops in afghanistan. very interesting. we'll let you know if there is any more news breaking out of that briefing going on in the pentagon. there is a huge fight that is breaking out in washington now over the administration issuing hundreds of new waivers to give some entities a pass on the new healthcare law, with one of every five of those waivers guess where those ended up in? nancy pelosi's district. she was the staunchest proceed poepbment of pushing this through congress. a lot of folks in her district are getting a pass. we'll investigate that controversy with monica crowley
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in three minutes from now. stay tuned for that. how about this. it is the parents versus facebook. it has finally come to this in a legal battle over who has final say over facebook pages for kids. we have both side on this issue, very important for the children in this country. that is coming up. plus we'll show you why the u.s. navy is now involved in the effort, this is the most heart breaking story right now, who is in little boy? why is nobody looking for him? his body found dead on the side of a road. new clues in this disturbing mystery. that is straight ahead right after this. >> how can this happen with a child who naturally trusts adults. >> i just look in his eyes and i see him like crying out for help. it's just so sad. # okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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martha: new information that is just breaking on the mysterious death of this little boy whose picture that has been computer generated based on his body has captivated the attention of the whole country. who is this boy and who knows what happened to him. massachusetts state police we are just hearing are about to make a statement regarding a person of interest in this case. as i mentioned, this is a computer generated image, this isn't the kind of story where there's give them all the pictures we have of this little boy because we need to find out what happened to him. there are no pictures that we know of of this little boy. this was generated from a computer based on a body that was found on the side of the road. they think he could be as young as four years old. now there is word that the navy's elite police team is joining this investigation, this after a witness claimed to have seen a pickup with a navy emblem on the license plate. they are going with anything they possibly can to figure out a connection. the boy was fully clothed. the police will not say if his body showed any signs of trauma.
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we will bring you that as soon as we get that information on that person of interest. all right for a moment now let's get back to this huge store row that has been all over the place in recent days, this is a huge fight that is breaking out in washington right now. after the administration issued hundreds of waivers to give certain entities a pass. you don't have to deal with the new healthcare law, yeah we're going to look out for you. the daly caller did some digging on this. they found one in every five waivers that have been issued, how about this. they are going to nancy pelosi's district of all places, the one person who seemed to want to push this through more than anybody, apparently the deal doesn't work so well for folks in her district. conservative critics are hammering the former speaker, the waivers and what they call the shortcomings of the healthcare overhaul. monica crowley joins me now, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. welcome. there is such irony in this. the places that are getting these waivers are, you know, posh restaurants and hotels, and, entities in san francisco in her district that say, we
1:26 pm
really can't afford to cover these workers with the deals that we have for them which are called mini meds. you get a pass, you can wait for a while. >> what we saw in the daly caller piece yesterday is that all of these businesses, or at least most of them do look like businesses that could afford the obamacare new regulations, meaning posh hotels, lavish restaurants that are charging 60 bucks for a porterhouse stake. this those kind of businesses can't afford obamacare regular layings and costs what are the mom and pop shops going to be doing the little dry cleaners on the corner, how are they going to be able to afford this? if you have political leverage with top democrats like nancy pelosi you might be able to get a waiver. and that's what we're seeing here. yesterday, martha i a long the same lines the entire state of nevada got a partial waiver on obamacare, why? because harry reid went and fought for it. these are the top democrats that were obamacare's biggest
1:27 pm
cheerleaders for a year and a half. disregarded public opinion. people said we do not want this we do not support it. disregarded republicans in congress that tried to block this thing. blocked it at every turn. ran this thing through on a straight party line vote and they are the ones saying, you know what we kind of understand, whisper, whisper to these businesses that this is going to be disastrous for you we will make sure you don't have to abide by it for a while. martha: these are insurance -- medical insurance plans that cover too small an amount of the medical coverage, they are very expensive and the deductible is very high on these. people are saying we are going to drop this coverage for the employees and they won't have anything and we'll take the fine and they are saying let's cover those people, give them a pass while the whole thing works out. the other side is saying, nancy pelosi's side is saying, look we don't want these people to be without healthcare coverage, while we work out all the kings on this thing we'll make sure they remain covered. they are also saying we have nothing to do with this.
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all of this is dealt on a kiss by case basis with hhs and it ends up it happens to be in our district. >> reporter: it just so happens it's in nancy pelosi's district or the whole state of nevada under harry reid for heaven's sakes. they said while this thing was being debated and to this very day it would not extend coverage to everybody. it was not going to grant greater access for healthcare. it was not going to improve healthcare, nor was it going to lower costs either foreperson to person healthcare, between you and your doctor or on the federal level. in fact the opposite has proven true. now across the board and that's why these businesses are saying, we can't afford this. you've got to give us a break, you've got to cut us out of it. what is really more interest, martha and points to the great hypocrisy of all of this. a disproportionate number of workers who are now being granted waivers are unions. martha: so 7% of america's
1:29 pm
workers are unionized. a third i believe of the people who have got even waivers in there are union workers. it's incredible. thanks for shedding some more light on it. monica thank you very much. >> you bet, thank huh. martha: there is an explosive controversy developing today over what critics say are one state's efforts to give special privileges in their state to illegal immigrants over the students who go to school there normally. okay. after this break we are going to see how the affects of this effort are going to change the federal immigration laws. this is a huge story you don't want to miss. plus, parents want the right to get into their childrens facebook accounts and delete questionable material from there that they think might hurt them in their future. facebook says huh-uh, not so fast, mom and dad we have a direct connection to your child and you cannot breach that privacy. interesting, right? we're going to hear both sides on that. new details today on the arnold schwarzenegger love child scandal and what it would cost him in the weeks and months ahead.
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plus stunning new information about this woman at the center of this scandal, a lot of questions raised by this. we'll be right back. ♪ you can't hide your lying eyes, and your smile hasn't been disguised. ♪ i thought by now you'd realize -- [ male announcer ] look outside. it's grow time. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year.
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martha: we have brand-new information on the mysterious death of this little boy whose body was found about it side of the road in maine. maine state police are expected to make a statement about a person of interest in this case. we'll also hear from the massachusetts police force as well. this is a computer generated image that shows what they believe this boy looked like when he was alive. there are no photographs, no one has been searching for this little boy. the police believe he's probably around 4 years old. he was fully clothed on a deserted road in maine. his body showed no signs of trauma. trace gallagher is has more. >> reporter: it's important to note these two news conferences being given by police now, we are talking about departments that are 80 miles apart, one in massachusetts, one in maine. they will give statements related to this case. they were looking for someone who may have tie to the military
1:35 pm
because some woman who apparently saw a truck near where the body was found, a blue toyota truck with a license plate that apparently had a naval insignia on or near the license plate, and that's why they are looking for the military. the police say the boy's body was covered in an old gray army blanket. this witness who was a woman got a fleeting glafns that truck and she remembers seeing a woman inside the truck that was driving. since they have released that information, they have gotten some 200 leads into what they are calling this suspicious death. it will be very interesting to find out what the police in maine versus the police in massachusetts have to say that might tie this entire case together. up to now it has baffled authorities.
1:36 pm
we'll get more information as it comes in on that one. back to this now. there is a new efforts in the united states senate to push ahead with the dream act which is a controversial bill that would give some illegal immigrants a quick path to citizenship. one state already passed its own version of the dream acts. we are seeing how that's working out for them. they are under attack for a law critics say gives special privileges to those in the state illegally. i'm joined by our great panel. simon rosenberg is here. also ben ferguson is here. he's with the ben ferguson show. you know, a lot of this is sort of circulating around the policy that allows illegals to become basically state residents when it comes to their tuition at the university of mayor lands.
1:37 pm
maryland *. he told during this time as associate dean he frequently saw admissions officer favor students because of their undocumented status. it led to the school's diversity and enriched the college experience. simon, what do you think about that? >> the law passed in maryland which has been passed in states like texas and california and illinois in recent years provides no special treatment to the undocumented. the undocumenteds are able to get is the same treatment as other people who live in the state if their parents are tax paying residents of the state, if they finished two years of communities college before they go on. so all that's happening is the field is being leveled. there is no special treatment being given. in the lay that was just passed.
1:38 pm
martha: bern, you were chuckling while simon was talking. >> this is hysterical to me if you are an illegal immigrants and you live in maryland and you want to become an american citizen, you might as well wait until after college because you get a double whammy. you can get in on issues of affirmative action because you are now a minority in a special class. if you are an average american, you have got good grades. there is a chance you may get picked by an illegal immigrants and they get a cheaper price on college than you gets. this gives people an incentive to toughly be an illegal immigrants for longer to get a better deal on college. martha: it seems crazy, simon. we all grew up under the system -- >> you are saying bill perry is a crazy guy -- >> i don't agree with everything
1:39 pm
he does. here is the thing about conservatives. we don't always agree with everybody. for you to acts like what one conservative is correcter to all conservatives is not correct. average american sits seasons should get a great deal on going to college, not illegal immigrants who are here breaking the law. they get twice as good of a chance as me because they are a protected minority and it's diversity. >> what do you mean, this is completely made up. the point is the kids are talking about in maryland -- the kids are talking about in maryland are a couple hundred kids every year. they have to have the grades to get into the school, these are high-performing kids who excelled in the public schools. the state of maid made the decision -- martha: hold on. in order to be eligible for these programs you have to be a state resident. i hate to be overly simplistic about this. these are not legal state
1:40 pm
residents. my child cannot go to the university of maryland and gets the same sort of admission policy because he's not a state residents. you have to pay more to go there. the bottom line is these people are not legally in the state. so why should they be getting this privilege that people who are in the state legally are not getting. simple as that. >> maryland obviously doesn't agree with you. they passed a law that doesn't agree with everything you just said. what you are saying is if you live in the state and if you have high grades, if you performed well in your public schools, your parents pay taxes. given that you have shown -- if you have shown you can perform well in your school and get into one of our good schools in maryland, it does make any sense to deny you that. given that you have already shown that you can perform at a high level. we are making an investment in you because we believe you will contribute to society.
1:41 pm
martha: your point about the people of maryland. there is a petition underway to overturn this and it's gaining momentum. they are saying the whole thing is not necessarily a done deal. in terms of the people of maryland we'll see how it work out. maybe they are happy with this deal. they have every right under that situation. we have got do go. >> american kids should be going there and getting a good deal, not illegal immigrants. martha: a very heated topic and we'll continue to dig into the on america live and fox choose channel. in the meantime i want to talk to you about this. a dramatic campaign from the police today. they are going to lock up ronald mcdonald. how can that be? bang the fast food mascot? say it isn't so. look how cute he is. getting rid of them forever? what that could mean for mcdonlds and consumers.
1:42 pm
should parents be able to censor their kid' facebook accounts? a fair and balanced debate after the break.
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martha: you can imagine facebook and pretty much every kid in america is not too happy about parents being able to censor their kids' facebook accounts. but some parents think this is a no-brainer. we are all in the same ballpark. early teenagers down to 10 years old. my first inclination with this
1:46 pm
is why would i need a company? why would i need facebook to get between my child and i in regulates what goes on the facial facebook page. i have her password. i'm sure that lots of kids know how to outsmart this. they make up different names. but i just can't imagine calling facebook saying would you take this off. i would unplug everything and close the account. >> you would be surprised how many parents are not supervising their children. >> that parent is more likely to call facebook and say i want this picture of my daughter at this party off in the next 48 hours. >> so many parents are not on facebook. they don't nope what their children are doing. but then you hear about it and they want to do something. they don't know how to use the tools.
1:47 pm
they haven't had the conversation. you have to have the social networking conversation with your children before they go on. and then the continuing conversation. martha: you really have to be on top of it. >> just imagine what happens if this goes through and somebody calls up facebook and take down your son's account. and he goes what happened to my account. how long is it before the first lawsuit happens. someone suing his parents? martha: the child is under 18 years old. you are paying for the facebook account, you are paying for the computer. it's preposterous that anybody should have to go to the company to get things taken off. where is the parenting involved in this conversation? >> there are parents letting your children roam free. there are huge dangers out there. there are child molesters lurking and preying on children.
1:48 pm
martha: even an involved parent this could happen to. why is facebook so angry about this? >> facebook doesn't want the government involved with controlling the service. doesn't want the government to get between their customers and them. they want to deal with this on their own terms and set their own privacy policies. they have worked hard to insure people can control their life on facebook. martha: one of the things this would change is default. if i pick somebody as many as name and log on i'll see the front page of their wall. i can't get to their messages. so this would mean that all that would pop up would be a picture and a name. you can't get in unless you are a friend to anything. >> this seems to be such a misunderstanding of what the social nets works is all about. why do people get on social networks? to social size. if this grows through, this this will take every setting and
1:49 pm
fronts load it. the first thing you have to do as parts of registration will make lot of people just walk away. facebook is afraid of that. martha: you don't want it to be the anti-social network. >> i think we need to set boundaries for children. going on the internet and going on the worldwide web is akin toletsing your child run free in new york city. there are dangers lurking everywhere. martha: no technology in your bed rooms. nothing. you have got to be in the kitchen where i can look over your shoulder. you have got to have that. lance, stacy, thank you very much. all right. coming up we have some really inning new polling numbers from scott rasmussen that show new concerns for president obama. see why he needs to win more support from voters on a big issue that will surprise you that he's slipping in this area. also ocean grove, new jersey has
1:50 pm
been holding graduation ceremonies in the same beautiful building for 70 years. suddenly the aclu decided to sue the district unless the school makes some big changes to that building. caps, gowns and god coming up next. ♪ and so the conversation turned ♪ ♪ until the sun went down ♪ or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: a fox news alert on a possible break in the case of after boy found dead on the side of the road in maine. police in massachusetts * are saying they have a person they are questioning in this case.
1:54 pm
that person was picked up at a rest stop 30 minutes out of boston. police in maine say they are following up on new information in this case. this is a computer generated image showing what they believe is what this little boy looked like when he was alive. they believe he may have been as young as 4. now this story for you. it's the one day most high school student look forward to the most. graduation day. it's always a big celebration. right no now in ocean grove new jersey they find themselves in a battle with the aclu over the building the high school uses to hold its commencement ceremony. the organization is threatening to sue the in stun school district unless the religious symbols are taken down or covered unduring the ceremony. lauren green is in new jersey. >> reporter: that big white cross is fueling the controversy between the american civil
1:55 pm
liberties union and the neptune high school. so far the school is standing firm. for 70 years neptune high school graduated its seniors in this great auditorium at the ocean grove camp meeting. the methodist group that owns the property, after last year's grads was a grandmother of one of the students complained the christian theme made non-christians uncomfortable. the aclu agreed. demanded the school make changes or switch location. this year the school accommodated the acli by cutting two hymns from the program as well as the student-led invocations. >> farce we are concerned we need to be able to continue our graduation. we told our seniors we would graduate there. i think the only thing that would stop us is a judge.
1:56 pm
>> reporter: the aclu is not satisfied with those changes. they want the cross on the outside as well as the two ridge signs on the inside covered up. it's owned by a methodist group and they say they are not going to make those changes and they are not going to cover up the cross or the signs on the inside. >> the times are which we live are such that people are requesting those kinds of things on a fairly regular basis. it's unfortunate and sad. it, a 70-plus year tradition we would love to see neptune continue to do here. martha: thanks, lauren. we have breaking news on the arnold schwarzenegger love scandal. the tabloids gets ahold of the birth certificate for this child. a lot of news is breaking on this. also dr. keith ablow has an
1:57 pm
interesting take on this story and why arnold schwarzenegger close to have a relationship with this woman when we come back. [ female announcer ] it's red lobster's
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gout flares, joint pain, and rash. [ male announcer ] if you have gout, ask youroctor about uloric. alert on that a possible break in the case of a boy found dead on the side of a road in maine, police in massachusetts say they are now questioning a person of interest in this case, according to police, that person was picked up at a rest stop 30 minutes outside of boston, police say that they are following up on new information in this case as well. this is a computer-generated image that shows what this little boy may have looked like when alive. there are no photographs circulating of this little boy, no one knows who he is or how he ended up there. we've got a live report from boston on this in moments. and now to this, we are -- orders are being issued for preemptive evacuation along the mighty mississippi
2:01 pm
river, a brand new hour of "america live", i'm martha maccallum in for megyn khely one louisiana payish in danger of -- parish in danger of flooding, this as shipping traffic is starting to slowly resume along the river there. it is little comfort to those who have already lost everything to mother nature. >> we didn't expect the water to come through so fast, like i hadn't heard of anything like this going on since 1927, and anybody in our neighborhood had not experienced this. so this is an historic event for us. >> i kept telling myself that no, it's going to come up but it's not going to get in my home, because i never experienced anything like this before. it's all new to me. as a matter of fact, i've never even saw a neighborhood go under water. martha: boy, they have now. jonathan serrie, live in vicksburg, mississippi for us.
2:02 pm
jonathan. >> reporter: martha, you can see the mississippi behind me, much wider than unusual, much wavier than usual, choppy waters, we also noticed a lot of debris floating by. obviously if you're a barge traffic, there's treacherous navigation. barge traffic in general has been drastically reduced, the concern being that the wakes of these large vessels may cause more damage to low lying structures along the mississippi. also, in many cases, the ships and barges have no terminals to go to because the terminals are under water. meanwhile, we have video to show you from downtown vicksburg, there, crews throughout the day and week have been shoring up this huge flood wall that is keeping back the yazoo river channel, a channel that leads between the yazoo river and mississippi river. right now the water level, if you were to climb up to
2:03 pm
the top of the wall in downtown vicksburg and look down -- look down, the water level is 6 feet below that. between that massive wall structure and the pumping stations, local officials are optimistic that that giant wall is going to be able to hold the flood waters out of the low lying areas of downtown vicksburg. fortunately, much of the downtown area, and for that matter, much of the city is on high ground. if you come back to our live shot, i'll show you, down there, you can see the mississippi behind me and over here, i am about 100 feet above the water level, and so all of these beautiful homes over here are in no danger of being flooded. but the effort as far as those flood walls, as far as those pumps, as far as the levellies, both those that have been established for years, and those that are make-shift levees like that one surrounding that warehouse there, all of those efforts are to protect homes and businesses in these very low lying areas of vicksburg. martha, back to you.
2:04 pm
martha: jonathan, thank you very much. cargo, as we said, is now slowly beginning to move again on the mississippi river. a 15-mile stretch was completely closed to shipping yesterday, which has a huge impact on the economy there. we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for every day that those barges cannot make it down the river. the coast guard fears that the wakes from those shipping vessels could increase the pressure on their already severely strained levy system. so today, coal and timber and iron and steel and more than half of the nation's grain supply, this is obviously -- you know, one of the largest transports in the nation for all of this, and has now -- and it is now starting to move downstream again. we've got tons of information and images on all of this, just not enough time to show all of it to you. go to and you'll see what's going on there. our hearts continue to go out to them. very tough situation. we have brand new
2:05 pm
significant poll numbers that are just out. very interesting. on who americans trust to turn the economy around. so take a look at these new rasmussen polls today, more americans, 46 percent, say that they trust republicans to handle the economy, 42 percent say that they trust democrats to handle the economy. that skew is a bit of a concern no doubt for the president in terms of his reelection efforts. scott rasmussen joins me of rasmussen reports. >> good to be here martha. martha: how would you characterize that? >> first of all it's very close and if you were a president the gap is closing. the republicans had a bigger advantage but still the economy is the most important issues. this is the issue that both sides want to be on the right side of. two out of three americans say they don't think anything will be done about the decifit before 2012. martha: bad situation. let's talk about this number with which surprised me when i look a -- took a look at
2:06 pm
t. on national security, which party do you trust more to handle national security and the war on terror. keep in mind, everybody, we are, what is it, two weeks now away from that incredible moment when bin laden was captured and killed, and yet, 47 percent say they still trust republicans more on this issue. >> the president is getting great reviews on national security, 86 percent of americans approved of his decision to authorize that mission, 48 percent approve of the way he's handling national security issues but it's not transfers to the democratic party as a whole, so republicans still have an edge on that, and that's not really much of a surprise. it's been a republican issue for a long time. the president may neutralize it in a presidential campaign, but probably for the rest of the election 2012, it will still be a gop issue. martha: very interesting. so basically just because that has been such an entrenched kind of belief, that republicans are tougher on terror and tougher on security, that seems to be lingering, so the president has some work cut out to do
2:07 pm
to remind everybody what happened a couple of weeks ago between -- if he wants to be per sideways nif that measure. health care, still an incredibly hot topic and you can feel it, scott, it's going to be back on peoples of minds as we head into this election, which party do you trust more to handle health care and it's an even split. >> it's a very even split, it's a strong and important issue, partly because it's a health care issue and partly because people see it having a big impact on the economy. heading into 2008, democrats had a huge advantage on this issue. republicans had a huge advantage throughout 2010. in fact, in january, before the new republican budget came out, republicans had a 14-point edge on the health care issue. that's gone now. it's a tossup. and it is a very significant issue. martha: so many of the changes haven't kicked in. it almost feels like people have kind of -- they're not sure how it's all going to work out for them. >> that's right. people aren't sure. they don't like what they're hearing. again, people are concerned. health care is an issue that
2:08 pm
touches people in a very personal way. we see the biggest changes among people who are 65 and older because, again, this is a part of their daily routine. martha: and the president is going to -- going to speak on the middle east tomorrow, it's said to be very big speech we're expecting. how do people think about who handles that volatile situation, our foreign policy? >> right now the president is getting pretty good vee sues -- reviews on his handling of the situation in libya, most americans don't us to stay uninvolved. it is an issue that americans are very concerned about. but they're not looking to either party and saying wow, this is our team. martha: going to take to dan gill eman about the president's speech in a little while. scott, thank you, as always, good to see you. back to our top story on a possible break in the case of a boy found dead on a deserted road in maine. police in massachusetts are saying they're questioning a person of interest in this case, the police in maine
2:09 pm
say they're following up on new information as well. molly line has breaking details from -- she's on the phone for us in boston. hi molly. >> reporter: hi martha. this is in rars to the massachusetts state police, they are questioning someone, they have that person in custody in concord, 30 miles outside of boston, this person was apparently taken into protective custody late in the morning at a rest stop on interstate 495 near che chelmsberg, a community 45 minutes from boston and that's around over two hours from where the body of this child had been found north of us. state police have also apparently -- there's a pickup truck essentially, which you may recall if you've been following this story, a witness saw a pickup truck in the area, not too long before the body of the child had been found and it had insignia on it and that's played into this,
2:10 pm
the authorities in maine, and the authorities in boston are cooperating with military authorities, looking for further information in this case. we're expecting a press briefing soon to get more information on this. and that's really the details that are available right now. martha. martha: it's so unbelievable we have -- and maybe the police are keeping this close to the vest, but we've heard from people, you know -- that we haven't heard from people, they know that little boy or school or nothing has surfaced in this regard. >> it's very sad, this little boy was estimated to be between 4-6 years old and the composite image is released because there weren't pictures available, there wasn't a family to say their child was missing. they've been working hard to just find out who this little boy is and hopefully they're getting closer to those answers with the person that they're speaking with and with the evidence that they apparently have brought in to look at. martha: awful, heartbreaking story, molly, thank you. we'll stay on top of it. molly line outside of boston. switching gears now, there are big developments
2:11 pm
today for the companies, mcdonald's, and a new effort to ban ronald mcdonald forever? you heard me right, folks. why america was favorite fast-food icon, he's been around my whole life, i think, why he may get the big red boot! and how about this question that folks are scratching their head about today, why, why would arnold cheat on maria shriver? that's one question. dr. keith ablow joins us on what drove the governornator down lover's lane with this woman whose picture you're going to see in a second. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
martha: all right. we come back now with this, some new information surfacing on the arnold schwarzenegger controversy.
2:15 pm
we learned yesterday that the former governor had a love child with a household staffer who had been there for at least 20 years, and it happened about ten years ago, you know, a little bit of rough estimate there is on the dates these days. just an hour ago, the website tmz reported that it now has a copy of the birth certificate of this little boy, the one that you really feel sorry for in this situation and that arnold is not listed as the father on that document. the woman at the center of the arnold schwarzenegger sex scandal, now identified as mildred patricia baena, known as patty baena, said to be the family's housekeeper for more than 20 years. trace gallagher joins me live from the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: patty baena also worked as assistant along with being housekeeper, she retired in january and is apparently receiving a pension, along with the child she had with arnold, who is now 14, she has three other children and divorced her husband back in 200 #.
2:16 pm
she reportedly -- reportedly never told arnold about the boy until the boy was a toddler and "the new york times" is reporting that 14 years ago, the mother of arnold's baby, that woman right there, was pregnant and working inside the shall wars negger's -- schwarzenegger's brentwood home at the same time that maria was pregnant with their 13-year-old son. in case you're wondering, let's go to this new video. this was what arnold was doing in 1997 when this happened, he underwent heart surgery that year because he replaced a defective valve. he also had back surgery and recuperated from back surgery that same year, bad back, bad heart the apparently not all that bad. this is what the woman liked fliek 1997, patty baena, right before her baby shower. if you're wondering, arnold is signed on to do at least two movies, and he's involved in a new tv animated project called "the
2:17 pm
governornator and the -- "governornateor" and the creator, stanley lee, has said that schwarzenegger and this program would rely on arnold's personal life, including his wife and kids. probably now not so much in this part of it. the governornator still goes on and so do the movies. martha: that is not working out so well. all right. so here's the question that we know is on your mind, it's on everybody's mind, right? what drives one of the most successful actors in history, very successful man, body builder, governor of california, to wreck his own american dream for some cheap thrills. dr. keith ablow joins me, psychiatrist and member of the fox news medical a team. you know, you would imagine that if you're going to stray from maria shriver, you would be looking at cindy crawford-time person but no, this choice is very different for arnold schwarzenegger. why? >> first of all, if you look at arnold schwartzer --
2:18 pm
schwarzenegger as a person it should come as no surprise he might need extraordinary evidence that he's desirable, right? this is a guy who pumped himself up, nobody looked like this man. every muscle defined. everyone looking at him. the movie career. marrying a famous woman. everything in the same direction, to prop up his self-esteem, perhaps, and yes, that makes you vulnerable to being the apple of somebody's eye. even, even, if she isn't cindy crawford. martha: but it's so -- when we think about other examples, you can look at other famous men, and often, this is the question that ends up being asked, you know, why would you -- you know, why -- paul newman, when you have steak at home, why go out for a hamburger? you know? it's -- >> number one -- >> martha: explain. this is a man who could probably have any woman he wanted, a very large selection of women. >> so first of all n. a marriage, we all know how difficult it is for passion
2:19 pm
to be sustained, so that goes without saying. in his life, obviously, this has some sort of dirnl meaning, as to being -- additional meaning, as to being regarded as special. in a marriage, it's tough. you become almost one thing. to be awed by somebody, for someone to be awed by you. martha: i think that's a huge element. >> it's a big thing. even for a guy governor, even for a movie star, somebody who smiles you when you come in the door. martha: and thinks he's the most fabulous, fabulous person and worships him like a here oarks right? but why choose something so close to home? i mean, obviously the proximity is there, and that's a factor, but when you hear that this woman was pregnant, we see the pictures of her at the baby shower while maria shriver was also expecting a child, he comes home from work and this one is that one -- >> it does boggle the mind, but part of it is proximity. you know what, who do we date? it's the woman at work, or the man at work.
2:20 pm
our spheres are fairly confined, so when you have that much contact with someone, you've had back surgery, heart surgery, she's there, caring for you, nurturing, i could see how that could happen. martha: and when trace was talking about those factors for him that year. >> yeah. martha: it's a little shocking that somebody going through awfully that, back surgery and heart surgery, and you know, is finding the time and energy to engage in all this stuff. >> it is surprising. look, this doesn't have to be the end of their marriage. i've worked -- >> martha: really. >> i don't think infidelity should ever signal the end of a marriage simply because of the infiddle. you say til death do us part. people can get by this stuff, and she should be asking herself this question, fir of all, i must have -- first of all i must have known this guy had unusual needs for attention, right? so i'm sure that maria shriver was aware this this was a guy who had some weaknesses, as well as the superhuman strength. now might be the time when she can say to him listen, tell me, tell me, what's the
2:21 pm
real source of your need to be built like an army tank and revered by fans in the movie industry, but that wasn't enough, then you had to be governor, and he would have been perhaps president, and we would have seen this unfold in the white house. martha: you think there's a chance that -- she has said she's catholic, that she doesn't want to divorce. >> sure, there's a chance, there's a chance for them to have the best part of their relationship yet if she says now i have to get to know you because you've done damage here and i want to know what's your weakness. i know the strong parts. martha: very interesting. dr. ever dr. keith ablow, good to talk to you. we'll talk more on the break. coming up, president obama's approval rating headed down again today. so where is his presidency right now? that even killing bin laden, it provided it seems in the polls only a one four-day bounce. some answers on that, right after this.
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
martha: all right, let's take a moment and head to the campaign trail now, shall we? we have new poll numbers from gallup and they're interesting. president obama's approval atings are already -- ratings are slipping two weeks after the death of usama bin laden, the ratings were at 46 percent before the raid, gained about six points over that following week, and then yesterday, right back where they were before it. that's got to be somewhat disappointing i would imagine for folks in the west wing when they look at that number. so what is going on with the obama presidency right now, when you can have this kind of huge success and this moment, and have it only buy you about a two-week bump? joe trippe joins me, former howard dean presidential campaign manager and fox news contributor. always good to with him with us. hey joe. >> hey martha. martha: what do you make of that? >> look, it's really pretty
2:26 pm
simple. as my colleague on the democratic side, james carville said in the '91 recession, it's the economy, stupid, and basically, look it, you can have a foreign policy success, we're all happy that usama bin laden is dead, but the american people right now are concerned about gas prices, unemployment, and the economy. either that turns around and strength strengthens the obama presidency going into the november election. certainly no success like the killing of bin laden is going to change that. now, i think the bigger problem is who's going to get the nomination on the republican side. that also will sort of filter this out. martha: i want to talk about that with you in one second. it's curious, obviously a lot of things go into the mix here, but i thought it was interesting that saturday light live took a real shot at the president for walking the victory too much for saying you shouldn't spike the football on this whole thing, and i
2:27 pm
wonder if there's any sort of backlash for that, for sort of all the focus on i, i, i in the speech, and i wonder if he hasn't gotten everything out of this that he could have if he had perhaps maybe handled it slightly differently. i don't know. what do you think? >> i don't think that has a whole lot to do with it. i recall when i was running the dean campaign, the moment when saddam hussein was captured, and it did give president bush a bump at the time, but again, the same thing, most people gave the credit to the special forces, the people that captured him, just like the navy seals got the credit for usama bin bin laden's killing. i think -- >> martha: his bump lasted seven weeks, though. it was a 15 percent jump and it went on for seven weeks, according to this data. >> that's right, but we didn't have the economic problems. the economic problems at the bush presidency happened at the end, not during that space. so i think it's the economy. it's the issues that the american people are focused
2:28 pm
in on at the time. at that point, they were focused on security more and i think it lasted longer for bush, but in the end, even it came back, even for george bush, it came back. martha: as you point out, regardless of what happens with president obama, republicans need to find a strong candidate to run against him if they have any hope of changg the scenario. >> that's exactly right. and you look at whether it's foreign policy or the economy, you still have to have somebody on the other side, and right now, more candidates are leaving the republican contest than joining it. and it's unclear which of them is going to, you know, pull the party together and run a focused campaign against obama. i think still that's the biggest question left now. martha: let's save that for the next time together, joe, we'll talk about that. joe trippe, good to have you as always. >> thank you. martha: all right. after months and months of protests and violent crackdowns in syria, the united states has just moments ago announced that it is taking new action.
2:29 pm
the breaking news from the white house. that's coming in moments from now. and then there's this: a woman gets the worst news that a bride can get, and then takes a very drastic step. the drama at the altar, coming up. and this horrific story that we've been covering for you, a giants fan, brutally beaten at the home opener between the dodgers and the giants and now as the teams get set to face each other once again tonight, there are brand new clues that are emerging that could help the police get the attacker of brian stow. we'll be right back. >> this is a jersey similar to the one that the woman was described as wearing. the reason i bring this up, this is new information. this has not been made public before. we're hoping this jogs somebody's memory.
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
martha: it's now with the unrest in the middle east, the white house, more than an hour ago, there's word that the united states is going to hit president assad with sanctions for the violent crackdown on the protests in his country which have been continuing and have been relentless, this comes as president obama is putting finishing touches on a major speech set for tomorrow that will talk about the changes occurringing in the middle east and how the -- occuring in the middle east and how the united states will approach that change. we are happy to be joined by dan gilleman, former israeli ambassador to the united nations and a fox news crib tomplet dan, good to have
2:34 pm
you here today, welcome. talk to me a little about what you expect. what you expect we're going to hear in this speech. we're told it will not be specifically about the israeli-palestinian potential agreement or talks, but that it's sort of a broad sweep on this whole arab spring issue. martha, i must say that i'm looking forward to hearing the president's speech, but on the other hand, i think there's far too much emphasis on words rather than deeds, and i think in fact the sanctions which have been imposed on president assad out of syria are long overdue. this is the ninth inning, there's no reason the syrians should be immune from what the libyans and qaddafi is getting because they don't have oil or europe. as far as the speech is concerned, i think the president has proved to everybody that he can talk the talk. the question is, as far as
2:35 pm
the middle east is concerned, can he walk the walk. and i think, in fact, that all these speeches and all this public diplomacy that has been going on for two years has led us nowhere. neither has the cairo speech, nor have other speeches. and i think that maybe this is precisely because the process has been so public, that nothing has happened. it's become more of a press conference than a negotiation. everybody has been posturing, and you know, i've said this before, and i do believe it, there are two things in life one shouldn't do in public: make love and make peace. in both cases it's good to have your eyes slightly closed and lights slightly dimmed. so i would prefer to see a quiet, confidential, discreet channel established, whereby the president of the united states, with the prime minister of israel, and the authorities, embark on real
2:36 pm
negotiations, rather than just speeches and press conferences. martha: when you -- what you say is very interesting, you know, and when you look at how much has changed since that cairo speech in the middle east and the fact that israel in many ways has become less secure, there's so much more uncertainty and iran, you know, has gained the potential for footholds in so many of these places where there's so much unrest right now, and it sounds to me like you're saying that israel is looking for real assurances from president obama in terms of their security and his commitment to helping stabilize the middle east and to support israel. >> well, that's very true, martha, and that's why i think, in fact, that the meeting between the president and the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, on friday is a key meeting. it's a meeting which i hope they will be able to restore trust between those two great friends, and to tell
2:37 pm
each other the truth. hopefully the president will tell the prime minister what his aims are, what he wants to achieve, how he wants to go about it, and how israel can help him, and hopefully the prime minister of israel will explain to the president exactly what he can do, what he can't do, what his coalition allows us to do, and what his red lines are, and together, hopefully, they can embark on a real, fair settlement which the palestinians will be endorse, which the europeans will support. we have september looming with a threat of a unilateral declaration of a palestinian state. this is something nobody wants, not even the palestinians, certainly not the israelis, or the americans. and therefore, we have very little time for real negotiations, and an agreement which will be fair to all sides, and will preempt a unilateral declaration which will lead to only more violence, will not give the palestinians a state, but will also not
2:38 pm
assure israel of the security it needs. and we have no other friend no, better friend, than the u.s., and i hope this meeting on friday between prime minister netanyahu and president obama will actually slidfy this -- solidify this great alliance between these two great friends and make sure we can rely on them in the challenging days ahead. martha: absolutely. as you point out, the most important part of all this will take place behind closed doors in terms of their conversation and how they walk away from that moment. huge, important developments in the middle east, and very good to have your thoughts on them today. dan gillerman, thank you very much. all right. so this now. there is very tight security tonight for the first dodgers-giants game since a giants fan was brutally beaten during their home opener. brian stow, suffering brain damage in the attack that happened to him back in march. no arrest, still, have been
2:39 pm
made in this case. but now, there are new clues emerging, and trace is following this story very closely for us from l.a. trace, what are you learning? >> reporter: we will learning now they've got sketches, martha, also they've got maybe a witness in this case, and you also can imagine the police presence at dodgers stadium tonight will be very, very high. police are also going to use tonight as an opportunity to get out the word, to use those sketches to try and find out who the suspects are in the case of brian stow. remember, these the giants fan who was wearing a giants jersey at dodgers stadium on opening day and he was savagely beaten by two dodger fans, they kicked him and beat him repeatedly in the head, they put him into a coma. he's still in a medically induced coma. but now they're going to use the sketches they have, and they're also looking for a woman who may know who these two suspects are. listen to the police chief now: >> this is a jersey similar
2:40 pm
to the one that the woman was described as wearing. the reason i bring this up, this is new information. this has not been made public before. we're hoping this jogs somebody's memory. >> jogs their memory, because that woman apparently drove those two suspects away from dodgers stadium. it was just this week the victim, brian o, was finally transferred from los angeles, back up to san francisco. he was taken out of his medically induced coma for just a very short while. he is now back in it. he's stable, but still, very critical condition. the cops have gotten hundreds of tips so far, just because of putting out those sketching. again, police presence very high tonight, and there's a 3-game stretch the giants are in town for, all of them, very, very secure, martha. martha: that poor man. never expected when he took his children to that game that day what would be lying ahead of him. it is an awful story, and the dodgers fans, as well as the giants fans, are heart broken about that story. so hopefully, it will be a good game tonight, and they
2:41 pm
will be able to move on, at least in that respect. trace, thank you. all right. well, the great recession, hitting recent college graduates very hard. a new poll finding that the recession has forced a lot of graduates into very low paying jobs that are completely unrelated to the education that they received. half of them are expecting to have less financial success than their parents d that's not the american way. researchers point out that only 1/4 of american adults are four-year college graduates. so it's theo if the most educated are facing such difficulties it shows just how sluggish this job market is during this recession and how that fares going forward. more on that. well, pictures of the terrifying moments as a young bride becomes distraught over being left at the altar. we're going to detail this dramatic rescue in moments. and then there's this. ronald mcdonald in the middle of a fight over the health of our nation's kids?
2:42 pm
one group says kill the clown. don't say that about ronald! mcdonald's says ronald isn't the problem, folks, he's part of the solution! a fair and balanced debate on that coming up. tears of a clown. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ martha: all right,
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
folks t here we go. a coalition of public health advocates, targeting what they believe to be a major cause of america's obesity problems this, man, have you seen this man? ronald mcdonald and the dreaded happy meal! the new campaign purchasing full-page ads in major city newspapers, calling on mcdonald's to give their mascot the boot, saying you must fire ronald mcdonald. so far ronald does not seem to be going anywhere. joining me is president of the national action against obesity and cheryl casone,
2:46 pm
from the fox business network. should we fire ronald mcdonald, is it his fault that my kids eat french fries on i95 towards cape cod? >> here's the reality. if you slap a cartoon character on any food kids think it tastes better. it could be the same food and kids think it tastes better but he's so creepy, i don't know how he sells any food to anyone. martha: but most people are creeped out by clowns. >> we shouldn't be marketing junk food to children. we've had this debate since the carter administration and that's what we're looking at, undermining parents have predatory approach, having an adult marketer trying to establish a direct relationship with children. martha: you know what you do when you go by and your kids say can we go to mcdonald's, you say no and hit the gas if that's your choice. you don't buy it. >> i agree completely with that. >> first of -- first off ronald mcdonald has been the face of the company
2:47 pm
since 197 1-rbgs also the face of an incredible charity that does absolutely good work, and it's not why your kids want to go to mcdonald's, they go because they want a treat and you can feed three children for $10. martha: wait a second! >> but that's help for them, the family -- they employ 300,000 people, offer health insurance to all employees. this is a company, an american icon. >> martha: that's the -- >> and they have healthy food there now. >> the default meal is not particularly healthy and what everyone is asking, if you're going to market it to children, at least have it meet basic nutritional requirements, not be a fat bomb or sugar ball and that's what the default happy meal is and the thing is, it doesn't do the parents any service when the kids are hungry an hour later because it was so low in nutrition and that's what these meals are. a lot of these fast-food burgers have been rinsed in aknowna and people don't know about that, so it's poor quality -- >> martha: rinsed in
2:48 pm
aknowna? >> to kill the i coli. it's common among fast-food burgers. >> martha: so the -- >> you can't hurt a generation of children with poor quality food and make up for it by having a ronald mcdonald house! >> we live in a free market economy, if you don't want to buy mcdonald's, you get to drive by. nobody is -- if they weren't providing something that people wanted they would be put out of business, they wouldn't exist. do we want to live in a place where it's like you're not allowed to have sodium, milkshakes? no. >> the commercial, free mobility scooter,s -- scooters, diabetes treatment -- >> mimi, that is not mcdonald's' fault. >> i ultimately hold the parent accountable. >> parents don't deserve to be undermined, and take your kids to have one cheeseburger e. not ten.
2:49 pm
is where is the responsibility? >> i agree. what we're talking about is no parent has asked to be undermined, where a marketer is trying to have a direct relationship with children. we don't want jrchg food marketers going directly to kids. if they want to market to the parents, market to the parents. >> if my kids have something they want, i shouldn't have bought those cheatoes, i'm not going to blame the cheat os company! >> you want there to be transparency. you don't want transparency? you were surprised about the anomea. why don't you know that? >> mcmcdonald's put out a statement today that said they are willing to listen to the concerns of this activist group in front of the management of mcdonald's tomorrow at the annual shareholders' meeting, they say they will work with them, they will listen to them. are they willing at this point to get rid of the icon of the company? no. >> martha: great point. >> mimi, it's -- >> we don't -- >> mimi, that's exactly -- >> [.
2:50 pm
>> that's why they have salads and carrot sticks. >> if it were default -- >> i don't think the shareholder meeting tomorrow is the proper place to bring this up. they are turning the shareholder meetings into a farce, the ang ti vist groups. the company will be polite and politely tell them, thank you for your consideration. martha: all right, thank you! thank you for your consideration, and thank you! thanks, ladies. okay, next up, harry reid is railing about billions in oil subsidies, we found companies operating in nevada, getting out of paying the billions that they owe with the help of their sender, helping them with the health care bill. investigation on that? straight ahead.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
martha: harry reid is blasting tax breaks for oil
2:54 pm
coarks while some of his biggest campaign donors, gold and silver mining companies, get, turns out, even bigger tax breaks from congress. william la jeunesse is uncovering this story for us from los angeles. hi william. >> reporter: the breaks is piracy and robbing us blind according to another congressman and here's why he said that. if you look at this as a barrel of oil, costs about $100, when it comes off of public land, and most oil does, an oil company pays the federal government a royalty of about $15, but when this gold comes off of public land, the company pays zero, no royalty whatsoever, and gold is going to $1500 an ounce. the loser, of course, is you, the taxpayer. and our decifit. rather than amend the law so taxpayers get something for our minerals, senator reid has fought reform, even "the new york times" has called them, quote, an enduring obstacle to change. >> senator reid, during the years, has aligned himself with those interests to
2:55 pm
thwart mining law reform, time and time again. >> reporter: the debate is over royalties. oil companies pay $18 for off-shore oil, about 12 1/2ed for oil drilled on shore. that's the same rate as coal companies pay for a ton of coal. but gold and silver, uranium companies, pay nothing. zero royalty on $20 billion of minerals they take off of public lands annually. >> we're talking about collecting a royalty off the top, irrespective of what your production costs are, that's going to be an unsustainable situation. >> reporter: so in the last 20 years, some congressmen have tried to pass a royalty of 4-8 percent on minerals, but reid has helped stop them. while the mining industry is not paying taxpayers, they are paying senator reid $750,000 in campaign contributions, so while the focus this week, martha, has been on the obscene oil
2:56 pm
profits, the fact is that gold and silver and copper are five times more profitable than the oil business, in large part because of the minerals they get off public lands for free. back to you. martha: really interesting. william, thank you very much. well, there is a flooding nightmare going on in the deep south, the mississippi river, roaring out of control, as workers and families are racing to protect their land and their homes and save some of what they own from this epic flooding. fox news is live in mississippi with the latest on that, coming up.
2:57 pm
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martha: sometimes getting married is called taking the plunge but a bride-to-be was jilted she decided to take a leap. the young woman dressed in the wedding gown climbed out of her apartment and was dangling seven stories, and an officer grabbed her by the


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